Hitler and Bush

There have been persistent reports of a Nazi subculture in the New Jersey State Police, which has long had a reputation for violence and racism. Recently, the State Police was the subject of a review article in the New York Times, which cited years of allegations and a landmark court ruling concerning their racist bias in stopping Black and Latino motorists.

When the Black Liberation Army leader Assata Shakur was captured and shot in the back with her hands up by New Jersey troopers in 1973, she was under their guard for several days, as she writes in Assata: an Autobiography:

"When they changed shift, the two troopers would salute the sergeant. Some saluted an army salute, but others saluted like the Nazis did in Germany. They held their hands in front of them and clicked their heels. I couldn't believe it. One day one of them came in and gave me a speech about how he fought in World War II on the wrong side. He went on and on and there was no question that he believed everything he said.... Every day he gave me a speech about nazism. Sometimes other nazis would join in. I asked him if there were a lot of nazis in the state troopers, but he just laughed and kept on talking... I later learned that the state troopers in new jersey was started by a German, that their uniforms were patterned after some type of German uniform (very similar to the uniforms South African police wear), that they are notorious for stopping Black, Hispanic, and long-haired people on the turnpike and beating, harassing, and arresting them. The nazis headed the harassment campaign against me. They spit in my food and turned down the thermostat in the room until it was freezing. For a while their campaign centered on keeping me from sleeping. They stamped their feet on the floor, sang songs all night, played with their guns, shouted, etc."

 Norman Schwarzkopf, Senior

The New Jersey State Police was founded in 1921 by Colonel Norman Schwarzkopf, Sr., who served in both world wars and was father to General Norman Schwarzkopf of Gulf War fame. While General Shalikashvili, the outgoing US Chief of Staff, is proud of his Wafen SS father, the Schwarzkopfs emmigrated to the US long before the rise of Nazism, are not known to have voiced Nazi leanings, and were a respected part of the substantial German-American community in New Jersey.

However, an important segment of the New Jersey Germans were pro-Nazi before the war and also gave safe haven to Nazis after the war. As we will see, these Nazis also included many Eastern Europeans and Russians, including the elite and largely White Russian SS VorKommando Moskau, which organized the killings of Jews and Slavs in Nazi occupied Eastern Europe and Russia. Many members of the VorKommando Moskau were resettled in New Jersey by the US Government, shepherded by such stellar figures as Richard Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover, who considered these people to be stalwart anti-communist warriors and outstanding Republican vote getters.

Back to Schwarzkopf: he was the founder and the first superintendent of the N.J. State Police, and played a key role in the Lindbergh kidnapping investigation and the Hauptmann trial. A West Point graduate and WWI veteran, he organized the State Police right after WWI. He returned to military service in WWII, rising to the rank of Brigadier General. Later he served abroad and organized the police force of Iran, then an ally of the U.S. There his son, Norman Jr., formed his first impressions of the Middle East.

The police Schwarzkopf Sr. organized in Iran was the dreaded SAVAK, the Shah's brutal secret police who tortured and murdered with a free hand.

A recent book, "Lifting the Veil: Life in Revolutionary Iran" by John Simpson & Tira Shubart [4], describes Schwarzkopf"s role in Iran:

'I owe my throne to God, my people, my army --and to you!' The Shah was speaking to Kermit Roosevelt, the Central Intelligence Agency representative in Tehran. ... he certainly owed his throne to the success of Operation AJAX on 19 August 1953.

Faced with a powerful constitutional threat from his prime minister and political enemy, Dr Mohammed Mossadeq, the Shah briefly lost his nerve and fled the country when the soldiers sent to arrest his prime minister were overpowered and captured.

Kermit Roosevelt's book (Countercoup: The Struggle for the Control of Iran, reissued in 1979 , together with recently declassified documents, have revealed further details about the coup. Using money that had been brought into Iran a few months earlier by General Norman Schwarzkopf, Senior, the father of the American commander in the Gulf War, Roosevelt set about buying the support he needed. Bribing the key officers in the police and army, and organizing partisan crowds from the bazaar with the help of British intelligence agents, he instructed them to attack mosques and pull down statues of the Shah while shouting slogans in support of Mossadeq.

First Shwarzkopf Sr. acted as bag man to help overthrow the elected government, then he trained the re-installed despots' secret police, the SAVAK.  His memory is revered among New Jersey state troopers and his son continues to come celebrate anniversaries of the organization's founding.

The German community in New Jersey

The Schwarzkopfs, whose name literally means "black head" in German, were part of a German community that was already thriving in 1920s New Jersey and continues to do so today. There are no fewer than 33 German cultural clubs listed in New Jersey in Cynthia's Zorn's comprehensive web site: http://mars.superlink.net/czorn. Some of the clubs go back to the 20's.

In the years prior to World War II, when Nazism was on the rise, the New York - New Jersey area had a strong pro-Nazi organization called the German American Bund. They had a camp in northern New Jersey which was the scene of some large rallies:

"In 1937, the German-American Bund Auxiliary purchased approximately 200 acres and several buildings near Lake Iliff in Andover Township. On July 18, 1937, Camp Nordland opened with a parade of 500 "bundists" and a beer blast consisting of kegs of predominately German beer. The camp received the immediate attention and opposition of local farmers, the Anti-Nazi League, and local law enforcement.

One of several metropolitan area facilities, the Camp's purpose was to cultivate the political loyalty of German-Americans in light of the ongoing events in Germany and in the rest of Europe in the days leading to World War II. An estimated 1000 German-American residents from New York City and surrounding areas arrived at Nordland every weekend to participate in political rallies, speeches, and German fun.

One particularly noteworthy event held at Camp Nordland was an "Americanism" rally, allegedly conducted in conjunction with the Ku Klux Klan, that attracted an estimated crowd of 50,000 persons. Although the KKK publicly stressed their opposition to movements of an alien origin, they could not resist the temptation of sharing in the purse of this well attended event."

South River, New Jersey: VorKommando Moskauís new home

One of the most brutal groups ever to settle in New Jersey since the English killed the Indians was the VorKommando Moskau, originally formed by the SS as they advanced into Eastern Europe and recruited White Russians fleeing their homeland. "VorKommando Moskau was an elite forward unit of SS intelligence on the Soviet front. Its primary mission was anti-Communist intelligence, but it was also responsible for security screening of the occupied populations in the broad sector of the Eastern Front... VorKommando Moskau did not kill the Jews. [Or the Slavs, who were also slaughtered in large numbers.] It hired the collaborators, who recruited the executioners, who killed the Jews. From 1940 to 1942 this one small unit acted as an employment agency for the architects of the Nazi genocide in Eastern Europe." They primarily hired Eastern Europeans.

During his tenure as Nazi hunter in the Justice Department, John Loftus discovered how the White Russians in the VorKommando Moskau were heavily recruited by the US government to fight the Soviets and how all documentation of their Nazi past was well hidden from prying eyes. "Many of the White Russian Nazis had been resettled en masse in the town of South River, New Jersey." Allen Dulles and Bill Casey, who was later Reaganís CIA director, resettled most of the Vorkommando Moskauís elite leadership group in the New York - New Jersey area. In April, 1998 it was discovered that Casey sought for and received a dispensation from the Justice Department so that CIA officers would not have to reveal drug trafficking on the part of their contract workers and this 6 months before large scale trafficking began in support of the Nicaraguan Contras. Casey was an old pro at sanitizing the unmentionable.

In 1950, the FBI "recruited every White Russian Nazi it could find in the New York - New Jersey area." When in the 60ís a New York reporter, Charles Allen, began his accusations that Nazis were living in the US, the FBI investigated him and labeled him a Russian pawn. It would be interesting to find out about the role of these Nazis in Hooverís COINTELPRO operations against the Black Panthers and others.

Given the massive settlement of Nazis in New Jersey, it would not at all be surprising if some number of them found their way into the State Police. After all, police work was what they were professionally suited for, what they had done for years prior to coming to the US.  We can also expect the Nazis to have found jobs as corrections officers in a prison system which has shown itself remarkably tolerant of the Aryan Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

For info on Nazis treatment of Black People in Germany: a review of Hitler's Forgotten Victims

New Jersey and the Nazis by Hans Wolff, August, 1998 http://www.afrocubaweb.com/assata4.htm